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Along with many innate gifts and having clear knowing-ness, April has been gifted as an intuitive clairvoyant, medium and psychic. 
Her clients go beyond the New England to around the world including such diverse places as France, England, and Iran, and new Zealand. Through technology April is able to connect with people everywhere.
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New Awakenings

Since 1998 April Sheerin has operated the New Awakening Psychic Center in Derry, NH.  
The Center provides private readings, home and office parties, classes to help people develop their natural psychic ability, and a variety of special programs including messages from Beyond. In addition to being well known for her on-air and personal readings, April is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Hypno-therapist, a skilled healer, and a powerful medium that has brought closure to many people who have lost a loved one.
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Traveling & Teaching

April has had the blessing of traveling around the globe, teaching and enlightening students with her gifts of psychic ability and communication with the other side through her innate ability to speak those who have passed over.  
April Sheerin, Psychic/Medium, has taught spiritual development for over 30 years. She was taught through many lessons a mind body connection of how life and its continuing process works. She taught for 2 years at UMass Dartmouth, as well as many other schools, the union of continuity, as we discover our spiritual selves. She has also worked with the public school system to understand the science of meditation and the affect it has on opening up our world to life's answers.
Sage Wisdom From April: Topic Psychic vs. Medium
April was the featured Spiritual Medium in the #1 Bestseller, A Life By Request - a walk-in souls journey from earth the heaven, and back again. The true story of love, life, and the other side. Watch interview here:
40+ yrs. of. Experence - OfferingsWisdom - Psychic / Medium
April Sheerin, Director of New Awakenings has 40 years of astonishing knowledge and experience. In part of April's sacred contract lies a unquestionable, passionate desire to fulfill the prophesy of creating heaven on earth. With the help of other experienced teachers at New Awakenings, these concepts of bringing heaven to earth may be realized in the near future.  
Along with many innate gifts, April came into this life with the ability to interpret multi- dimensional knowledge. Having clear-knowing-ness, April has been gifted as clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. In addition, this powerful healer channels energy using tools from several different healing modalities and all combined makes her a true Mystic.  
Over many years April has studied with her Angels and has been guided to take specific courses and certifications that have aided in the process of bringing forth her angelic gifts.
I work with Companies both on a personal level as well problem solving - purchasing Property - as well as individuals issues - Getting perspective on work, life, home & family - I can delve deeper into your world then most.
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Jim B says:
This Thursday I had my first session with April; it was very comfortable and rewarding. I received answers to many questions, some I've had for years. Part of this was in conversation with April and the rest with spirits of transitioned dear relatives and friends and guides, thru April. All of it resonated as accurate and freeing. My highly developed BS radar wasn't triggered even once. I left April feeling uplifted, well informed, valued and loved by all those who communicated with me. Jim B
Kathy M says:
A friend of mine recommended April to me. I was nervous about going to see her, but after the first five minutes of meeting her, I felt like I had known her my whole life. She brought clarity to many questions I had, and was remarkably accurate with providing me information about my life which there is no way she could have had access to. She is a complete straight shooter, thoughtful with how she conveys her information, yet mixes her delivery with a candid approach which is refreshing and real. I came away from the experience enlightened, and can not wait to return. I highly recommend her.
Lynda G says:
I live in Ontario and have called many times over the years and had readings with April. It is just amazing how April has eased my mind with difficult questions and a fantastic insight into things that were going on in my life. Also purchased the book "A Life By Request" by Carolyn James that April had a great part in helping, I believe, to put her wonderful spiritual knowledge into the writing of it. I find it uncanny that somebody has this fantastic ability to communicate with the spitit world and help many people out in their earthly lives. I can't thank April enough for her time spent with me on the phone. Just hoping in the future I can meet with her in person.


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